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Posted: June 25, 2012 in Policy, Science, Science Outreach

Review from Neuron discussing brain imaging data pertaining to mental illnesses. The authors argue that there is underlying similarities in the brain damage across regions and networks in various mental illnesses.

The authors of this research article used short segments of RNA that recognize and eliminate mutant huntington to reverse Huntintgton’s Disease in a mouse model.

A series of papers published in BJOG (an international journal focusing on women’s reproductive health) suggest that low to moderate levels of drinking during pregnancy is safe. The studies were coducted in Denmark and surveyed pregnant women and then 5 years later their children.

Voyager 1, a spaceship launched by NASA 35 years ago, will soon cross out of our solar system and into intergalactic space, a feat yet to be occomplished.

AAAS report on Research and Development in FY2013.

Your Candidates. Your Health is an initiative by Research!America that is attempting to get statements regarding health and research from presidential and congressional candidates.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia reverses his opinion and now disagrees wtih a key ruling that supports the constitutionaliy of the Affordable Care Act.

New research findings suggest that the cholera recently seen in Haiti may have been there all along and not brought over by aid workers a few years ago.

Creationist group Society for Textbook Reform has sucsessfully campaigned to reomove examples of evolution from textbooks in South Korea. Scientists are fighting back.

Letter signed by 120 scientists and organizations to the US Congress in support of political science research.

Controversial H5N1 paper published in Science this week.


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