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Posted: September 4, 2012 in Ethics, Events, Policy, Science

A detailed look at what the 2012 Republican Party Platform has to say about science.

“The finalization of historic new federal automobile standards covering new passenger vehicles sold between 2017 and 2025 is one of the biggest actions ever taken to reduce U.S. oil use and a huge step on the path toward halving the country’s projected consumption within 20 years, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) said today.”

“Research and Science Education Subcommittee Discusses Business-Research University Partnerships”

“The Office of Government Relations created this website to serve as a resource on presidential candidates’ S&T positions and emerging issues in Congress, and the material on this site should not be viewed as an endorsement; AAAS does not endorse any candidate.” 

“A nonprofit magazine based in Washington, D.C., included the University of Washington in its top-10 list of national universities, up from the 23rd spot last year, due in part to the school’s affordability.”

Nature discusses eco-anarchists’ focus on nanotechnology and the bombings in Mexico.

A call for climate scientists to pull together and create a unified message.

“Heavy-ion facility at risk of premature closure as committee sets budget priorities.”

“This November, voters in California will decide whether the state should require labels on foods with genetically engineered ingredients. If the initiative, known as Proposition 37, passes, manufacturers would have to say somewhere on the front or the back of the food’s packaging if the product contains or may contain genetically engineered ingredients. ”

“A chief scientific adviser is no substitute for a ruling elite that is actually engaged with science and engineering, argues Colin Macilwain.”

“Spotting a business opportunity and a chance to change the culture of science, a breast cancer biologist is hoping to persuade researchers to have their work replicated for a fee. They would accept the risk of failure but also have a shot at quick validation.”

Nature Editorial, “If Europe is to achieve the science-investment goals it set for the decade, it must make life easier for researchers coming from abroad.”

UW professor Rob Wood proposes to “shoot saltwater particles into the sky, increasing marine clouds’ surface area and making the clouds brighten and reflect more sunlight,” in a way to combat global warming.

“With a few weeks in the melt season yet to go, Arctic sea ice has broken the record for minimum summer extent.”

“Local sea level rise has increased so much since the Key West Airport was built, that during the “Super Moon” super high tide in May 2012 it was flooded with seawater.  Sea planes would have been more appropriate than jet planes during that day. Floridians are grappling with how to prepare their schools, roads, homes and airports to withstand sea level rise, accelerated by climate change.”

“With a market worth more than US$20.1 billion, drug companies have long competed in a race to develop cholesterol medicines that work better than statins. Today, researchers report on a little-known alternative — an epigenetic therapy that fights plaque-hardened arteries in a novel manner.”


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