Posted: October 2, 2012 in Events, Policy, Science, Uncategorized

Nature Special: US Election 2012

AAAS briefing on effects of first five years of budget sequestration on research and development.

STEM Visa Reform Bill not passed due to partisanship.

Union of Concerned Scientists releases guide: Science in an Age of Scrutiny: How Scientists Can Respond to Criticism and Personal Attacks.

FASEB releases factsheets pertaining to NIH funding by district.

Union of Concerned Scientists comments on US House’s lack of ability to pass Farm Bill.

Research!America announces 17th annual Advocacy Awards recipients.

Transgenic Cassava with resistance to two common African viral diseases.

African Great Apes see habitat losses upwards up %57 depending on species type.

Evidence of stream bed found on Mars.

American Institute of Physics FYI on the Continuing Resolutions recently signed by President Obama.

How quickly is the Arctic Ice melting?

Study from Yale shows underlying gender bias, by both males and females, in academic science.

Nearing the 40th anniversary of the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship


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