Interesting Articles This Week

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Events, Jobs, Policy, Religion, Science, Uncategorized

“Under a set of reasonable assumptions, it found that federal R&D funding through 2017 could be reduced by $57.5 billion, or 8.4%, in constant dollars (i.e., corrected for inflation).”

“A look at what the President achieved during his first term in the areas of health, space science, energy, environment, and science education.”

Representatives for Obama and Romney debate energy and climate change. The debate will be available for viewing hopefully be early this week.

Message from Mary Wooley, President of Research!America, discussing the first presidential debate.

Washington University study shows that free birth control access reduces abortion rates.

“On November 6, Michigan voters will decide on Proposal 3, a renewable electricity standard (RES) that requires utilities to increase their use of clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar to 25 percent by 2025….But a flawed and biased study released last week by the Koch-fundedMackinac Center for Public Policy and Beacon Hill Institute threatens to undermine Proposal 3 and stall Michigan’s progress toward a clean energy future.”

“The European Food Safety Authority has concluded that a recent paper raising concerns about the potential toxicity of genetically modified (GM) maize NK603 and of a herbicide containing glyphosate is of insufficient scientific quality to be considered as valid for risk assessment.”

“All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell,” says US House Representative Scott Broun (Broun also serves on the House Science Subcommittee).

“Across a swath of northern Nigeria, a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding, as lead from illegal gold mines sickens thousands of children.”

“Now two types of stem cells have been turned into viable mouse egg cells that were fertilized and eventually yielded healthy baby mice. Details of this achievement were published online October 4 in Science.”

“The state Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that the state’s hazardous substances tax is constitutional.”

Science Insider interviews Jane Lubchencou, head of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“Washington State University researchers have found that the great-grandchildren of pregnant rats exposed to low doses of dioxin develop diseases and reproductive abnormalities — even though they did not have direct exposure.”

“Higher temperatures and an increased risk of drought on the West Coast result in nitrogen byproducts that cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, especially among the region’s rural and urban poor.”

“New research has found that a hatchery using wild salmon to spawn the next generation can help rebuild endangered salmon runs without passing on genetic problems that threaten future returns.”

Seminar given by Kevin McKernan, founder of Medicinal Genomics who recently sequenced the cannabis genome.

“Matthew Inman, the Seattle cartoonist behind, has succeeded in raising $1.3 million to restore the Long Island, N.Y., lab once used by scientist Nikola Tesla.”


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