Action Alert from FASEB – Tell Congress that sequestration cuts to NIH and NSF would devastate biomedical research!

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Funding, Uncategorized
This is copied directly from the FASEB E-Action Alert email I received this morning. To sign up for FASEB action alerts go here.
Dear Colleague,
On behalf of the FASEB Board, I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to those who were affected by the storms that hit the East Coast and beyond. We hope that they will be able to quickly recover from the catastrophic events of the past few days. Those of us in a position to offer help should do so through the various organizations providing relief.
While remaining mindful of the plight of the victims of the storm, those more fortunate among us who can focus on other matters should be aware that threats to our nation’s research enterprise are still on the horizon. Funding for the nation’s research agencies faces draconian budget cuts unless Congress takes action before the end of the year. FASEB’s analysis estimates that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will lose $2.8 billion, and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins testified before Congress that the agency would fund 2,300 fewer grants, representing a quarter of the total grants it would award for the year. The National Science Foundation will be cut by nearly $600 million. Congress needs to hear from you about the devastating impact these cuts will have on your research, jobs in your community, lost scientific opportunities, and ongoing efforts to improve the health of the American public.
Please go to to email your Senators and Representative today to urge them to continue – not cut – essential funding for research. You can use information from FASEB’s new NIH congressional district and state factsheets, as well as our NSF factsheets in your email messages. We need you to make your voice heard at this critical time!
Judith S. Bond
FASEB President

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