New Volunteer Opportunities from Northwest Association for Biomedical Research!

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Events, Science Communication, Science Outreach

I received the following information via email yesterday. I have volunteered with the NWABR before and have always had a wonderful time! I highly recommend it!


Volunteer a little time – have a big impact!

NWABR invites you to share your passion for science by volunteering to help at science outreach events within the community.

NWABR receives requests from the greater Seattle area for volunteers with scientific background to engage in community events that promote the excitement of science, introduce career options and enable face-to-face dialogue between researchers and students and adults.

Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities.  For updates on volunteer activities, visit the NWABR Volunteer Opportunities web page at



Now through Nov. 30:     Sign up to be a mentor for NWABR’s high school Student Bio Expo

Professionals in science (grad students, postdocs, regulatory affairs agents, grants and contract officers, PIs, and advanced undergrads, etc.) can register to be a Bio Expo mentor by contacting Jenn Pang at jpang at You can mentor from afar electronically or meet your student(s) face to face!  The student projects have a biomedical or biotech theme but can be entered in one of thirteen different categories. Students work on their projects from Nov. through April.  For more information, visit   The Expo is May 22, 2013 at UW HUB.

Now through Dec. 1:     Engineering advisors needed for Ballard High School projects!

Ballad HS students will be competing in the Imagine Tomorrow competition (  The theme is:  “How would you meet tomorrow’s energy needs?  Redesign.  Reform.  Refuel.”

Students address the topic by competing in one of four challenges:  Biofuels, Technology, Design or Behavior.  The competition is in May at WSU but students have started organizing their teams and they need your help in understanding the technology behind their ideas, planning and building prototypes, and general guidance as they work through their projects.

Engineering grad students, post docs and faculty are invited to be advisors to the students by attending one or both working sessions at Ballard High School:

Friday, Nov. 16, 9:00-11:00 am and Friday, Dec. 7, 9:00-11:00 am

Other working sessions will be scheduled later.

If you are interested in helping advise/mentor students on the Imagine Tomorrow projects, please contact the Biotechnology Academy lead Teacher, Penny Pagels at pepagels at


Now through Nov. 30:      Sign up to be a K-5 STEM classroom assistant through AAAS STEM Volunteer Program

AAAS is seeking scientists interested in volunteering as STEM classroom assistants once a week or every other week. William (Bud) Wurtz is launching the pilot program in Seattle at a K-5 STEM school in West Seattle. Scientists will be supporting the teacher in ways that will be determined by each volunteer and teacher. Training will be provided to volunteers. For more information, see the AAAS announcement and contact Bud at william.wurtz at Volunteers will go through orientation and training in Nov. and Dec. and begin class support in January 2013.


Now through Nov. 28:     Sign up to present an activity table at Hamilton International MS Science Night in Wallingford

Hamilton International Middle School (1610 41st St., Seattle 98103) invites groups with interactive, science table-top activities to participate in their 4th annual Science Night, Thursday, Jan. 24th, 6-8 pm. Click here for more information and registration. Sign up by Nov. 28th by contacting Lisa Reid at lisa.reid at


Now through Nov. 28:  Sign up to present a hands-on activity at Seattle Expanding Your Horizons (SEYH), Saturday, March 16th

SEYH offers middle school girls a day of career exploration in math, science, and technology. The girls attend three 55-minute workshops where they engage in hands-on science and technology activities led by professional women working in those fields. SEYH is on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Seattle University, approx. 9am-1pm.  If you are interested (female presenters only), contact seyhpresenter at



Now through Jan. 11:   Sign up to present an activity table at Arrowhead Elementary School Science Night in Kenmore, Friday, Feb. 1st

Arrowhead Elementary School (6725 NE Arrowhead Dr., Kenmore, 98028) invites organizations to present science based, table-top activities to their 1st-6th grade students and families at Science Night on Friday, Feb. 1. For more information and to sign up, contact Anna Gilbert at gilberta2005  at


Now through Feb. 28:   Sign up to present an activity table at Totem Middle School STEM Night in Kent, Thursday, March 28

Totem Middle School (26630 40th Ave S, Kent, 98032) invites organizations to present science based, table-top activities to their middle school students and families at STEM Night, 6-8 pm, Thursday, March 28th.

If interested, contact  Adrienne McKay, Science Teacher, at amckay at or call 253-945-5139 after 3 pm.


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