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Posted: December 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

“The Obama Administration on Wednesday gave a huge boost to the development of offshore wind energy projects in the U.S., of which there are exactly none, currently. But that’s about to change quite soon, with the Energy Department announcing awards for seven offshore wind farms around the country, each project receiving $4 million for a collective $28 million.”

“What is time? And how would you explain it to an 11-year-old? That’s the question actor Alan Alda has posed to scientists in the secondFlame Challenge—so named because the question in last year’s competition was, “What is a flame?” The challenge aims to spur scientists to think about how they can better communicate with the public.”

“Marine scientist Jane Lubchenco, the head of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), announced today that she will leave that job at the end of February. She plans to “return to my family and academia” in Oregon, she said in a message to NOAA staff members.”

“A wolf that researchers in Yellowstone National Park have followed since she was born 6 years ago, and was unusually popular with visitors and photographers, was shot last week by a hunter in Wyoming.”

“But after devoting 2 months to gathering signatures for an electronic petition—and sending out enough e-mails to develop a severe case of tendonitis in his right arm—Meltzer says he’s been treated like a pariah by his scientific peers. In fact, he harbors serious doubts about the community’s willingness to support grassroots lobbying efforts like his.”

A case for government investment in science and technology as a critical driver of economic growth and prosperity.

“The WWF is stepping up pressure on European politicians ahead of a crucial vote on fisheries reform, with an analysis compiling a picture of persistent ignoring of scientific advice.”

“A landmark court ruling this week has ended uncertainties in Germany about who may decide the permissible level of animal suffering in experiments. On 11 December, Bremen’s administrative court said that local health authorities had been wrong in 2008 to block a licence for neuroscience studies on macaque monkeys.”


“The European Parliament yesterday ended decades of wrangling over how to streamline the European Union (EU) patent system. On 11 December it approved an ‘EU patent package’, an agreement among 25 member states to roll out a new unitary patent that will be valid in all signatory nations and will be overseen by a single patent court.”

“Just in time for the holidays, a team of MIT and Max Planck researchers has released EyeWire: an online game that allows users to trace neural connections through the retina.”


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