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Posted: February 4, 2013 in Ethics, Events, Policy, Science, Uncategorized


“Throughout his re-election campaign, US President Barack Obama rarely said the words ‘climate change’. But in his second inaugural address, on 21 January, Obama renewed a commitment to address global warming, citing both moral and economic imperatives. To fail, he said, “would betray our children and future generations”.”



“The Obama administration on Friday announced its proposal for new rules on contraception coverage under the federal health care law.

In the announcement, the administration outlined a proposal still subject to final approval that would allow religious organizations that object to contraception to receive an “accommodation that provides their enrollees separate contraceptive coverage” at no additional cost, addressing an area of the new health care reform law that generated a firestorm last year.”



“When the state Environmental Priorities Coalition (an umbrella organization for the state’s environmental groups) rolled out its annual list of legislative priorities for members of the press this afternoon, what was most notable wasn’t so much the list of priorities themselves (which I’ll get to in a minute) as the number of fires the group is trying to put out. With the state senate in the hands of the Republican-led Majority Coalition Caucus, environmental advocates have been put on the defensive.”



“A new analysis challenges a troubling 2011 study that suggested that black researchers encounter racial bias when they seek funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The report finds that African Americans do just as well as whites at similar institutions who have an equivalent research record.”



“On 29 January, a group of US senators proposed legislation to vastly increase the number of visas for skilled workers.”



Campaign letter, via Science Progress, for FossilFree by Dr. James Lawrence Powell, explaining why divestement in companies that contribue to global warming makes sense and should be done.




Petition by Progressives United, asking people to “Sign our petition telling Amgen Chairman and CEO Robert Bradway to give back the taxpayer dollars his company extorted from Medicare in the recent fiscal deal.” The second link is to a Huffington Post coverage of the petition.



“The more than 300 lakes discovered in the past couple of decades beneath the mighty Antarctic ice sheet have been sealed from the outside world for probably several million years. Today, a team of US Antarctic researchers proudly announced they have accessed one of the last unexplored frontiers on Earth.”



“An international cooperation of public and private entities announced today that it will fund the immunization of 180,000 girls in eight developing countries against human papillomavirus (HPV), the cause of most cervical cancers.”



“Researchers who evaluated 10 learning techniques believed to improve student achievement found that five of them — including highlighting or underlining, are not very effective.”



“We all know what fueled the sexual revolution: birth control and rock ‘n’ roll.

But what if that’s not the whole story? What if America’s libido was liberated not by the pill and heady doses of Jim Morrison, but by the lowly prescription drug penicillin.”



“China’s demand for natural resources is being felt in a big way in Cambodia.

Illegal logging and economic land concessions are threatening Cambodia’s dwindling forests, which now echo the sound of chainsaws.”



“Many big food companies are caught in a dilemma these days. They want to rebrand themselves as merchants of health — Coca-Cola’s new anti-obesity ads are just the latest example — but many of their profits still come from products that make nutritionists scowl.”


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