Seattle Times article regarding Sequestration’s effects on University of Washington

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Events, Funding

Seattle Times article by Katherine Long describing the dramatic effects budget sequestration will have on the University of Washington’s research enterprise.

“The University of Washington is bracing for a loss of $83 million in federal funding if the sequester goes into effect, but nobody knows how the cuts would play out.” and ““There will be jobs lost,” said Mary Lidstrom, the UW’s vice provost for research. “This is all about jobs.”” pretty much sums up the article and the state of affairs at the moment.

President Obama is meeting with leadership from both parties this Friday (3/1/13)  regarding the $85 million in across the board cuts slated to take effect on the first of March. Now is the time to call/email/write your elected officials and share your opinions regarding sequestration and research funding!

Go here or here to find out how to contact your elected officials.

The Coalition for Life Sciences has a form letter that you can add to or send as-is directly to your elected officials here. First paragraph reads, “As a scientist and a constituent, I urge you to repeal sequestration for the sake of the nation’s biomedical scientific enterprise and for the sake of the nation’s economic stability.” Please consider sending this letter to your elected officials, it really only take a few minutes!


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