NIH Releases Fact Sheet Regarding Sequestration

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Ethics, Events, Funding, Jobs, Life as a post-doc, Policy

On Monday the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released an informational Fact Sheet regarding FY2013 and budget sequestration. Due to sequestration, NIH must cut 5% for its budget, across the board, in FY2013.

The Fact Sheet includes:

NIH FY2013 Operating Plan

NIH FY2013 Operating Plan Mechanism Table

NIH Guide Notice: Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards FY2013

NIH Institutes and Centers FY2013 Funding Strategies

These cuts will affect everyone from scientists working at NIH ,to scientists working at universities across the country, to patients who rely on advances in medical research and being able to be admitted to the NIH Clinical Center. Funding levels are now almost 23% less than 10 years ago (when adjusted for inflation). The graph below depicts the success rates for research projects grants since 1998 and shows that success rates are at an all time low.

NIH grant success rate

These extremely low success rates and the continued uncertainty for the future of science funding are driving young scientists away from basic research (either moving to countries like China and India that are investing heavily in basic research, transitioning to an “alternative science career” such as policy or communication, or leaving science all together). Welcome to the age of the “brain drain” and goodbye to America’s dominance in biomedical research.


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