News and Events – House science committee ethics review?, Laboratory beef, and HeLa breakthrough

Posted: August 13, 2013 in advocacy, Ethics, Events

“Since U.S. House of Representatives science committee Chair Lamar Smith (R-TX) subpoenaed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 1 August for data from decades-old air pollution studies, the agency has remained silent on how it will respond. But a vehement back-and-forth has filled that silence, as the panel’s top Democrat, Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX), continues to spar with Smith over the move’s wisdom. Last week, the exchange included Johnson’s suggestion that the panel might need an independent oversight board to approve its use of sensitive data—and a letter from a researcher who claims Johnson defamed him during the fierce debate over the subpoena.”

Seattle FOSEP featured in Research!America’s blog!

“The world’s first laboratory beef burger — a proof of concept after five years of research — was cooked and eaten today during a live press conference in London that doubled as a web-TV cookery programme.”

NIH Director Dr. Francis Colins blog post describes the deal reached between the NIH and Henrietta Lacks’ family regarding the data sharing of HeLa cell genome.

“The credibility of Japan’s clinical research system has come under fire as investigations report manipulation of data and conflict of interest involving the pharmaceutical company Novartis. Six published papers have been retracted, but Novartis has denied any wrongdoing. The country’s health minister has now started its own investigation, which is due to release its findings at the end of September.”

“Every year thousands of them are boiled or torn apart while they are still alive, and   now there is strong evidence to suggest that crustaceans experience pain.”


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