Science Politics is written by  postdoctoral fellow, Abigail Schindler, Ph.D.. While a student at the University of Washington, Department of Pharmacology, I have learned many valuable skills at the research bench, but have also become increasingly frustrated with the lack of science in public policy, the lack of scientists engaged in science outreach and communication, and the continuous outcry from colleagues regarding the bad public policy occurring in the United States and lack of funding for basic research who yet doing nothing to get involved. Scientist need to get involved. I am starting with myself.

This blog is a mixture of reports regarding breakthrough scientific research, reports regarding public policy and legislation pertaining to science and research, science outreach and advocacy opportunities, and notice of upcoming lectures and seminars dealing with science policy at University of Washington and in the Seattle area. I also post weekly “news and events” updates because there is just no way I can write full posts about everything that catches my eye. I blog for Seattle’s Forum on Science Ethics and Policy (FOSEP), and will cross-post.

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in Clark Lab within the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department at the University of Washington. My current research focuses on the mechanisms underlying increased risk taking behavior following adolescent alcohol exposure. The content of this blog is my own and not that of my employer or really anyone else for that matter.

Images courtesy of Pete Groblewski, Ph.D.

  1. Fred schindler says:

    You rock!

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